Andalo and surrounding areas

The summer climate is temperate and airy, typical of the Dolomite regions, while in winter the temperatures fall significantly, making the area ideal for many winter sports.

To the north, there’s a lovely mountain lake, whose waters rise during periods of heavy rain and vanish just as quickly into the unexplored underground caves in the dry season.

The waters of the lake, which shows clear signs of glacial activity, are supplied from underground springs. It isn’t far from a large sports centre, which is also a starting point for cross country ski routes and paths.

Andalo: l
Le splendide montagne innevate sull
Le nostre piste da sci
Il paesaggio invernale ad Andalo

In summer and winter

Il clima in estate è temperato e fresco, tipico delle regioni dolomitiche, mentre d’inverno le temperature si abbassano considerevolmente, rendendo possibile l’effettuazione di molti sport sulla neve.

Spicca a nord la presenza di un bel laghetto carsico: le sue acque, copiose nei periodi di intensa attività pluviometrica, si nascondono altrettanto velocemente allo sguardo infiltrandosi nelle inesplorate grotte sotterranee.

Il lago, in cui sono evidenti i fenomeni di glacialismo, viene alimentato da sorgenti sotterranee; si trova a breve distanza da un notevole centro sportivo, dal quale si diramano percorsi attrezzati e passeggiate.

The Paganella

The slopes of Paganella rise up to the east of the town.

The main summit is Paganella (2125 m). Its west face, which can be seen from the town, has wooded slopes and a more or less even gradient which falls towards the high plain. The east face is a vertical rock wall which plunges down into the Adige Valley.
A number of ski lifts start from the town, serving 50 km of ski slopes.

To the south of Andalo is the massive Brenta Group with its magnificent peaks, pinnacles and vertical rock walls, which have attracted mountaineers from all over the world since the second half of the 19th century.

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